Hiking & cycling – Pieterpad

Cycle lovers, hikers and water sports enthusiasts will definitely get their money’s worth in the beautiful surroundings of the hotel. In this region you will find the Asseltse Waterplassen and various beautiful nature reserves such as Swalm-Nettetal, the Maasduinen and nature reserve Meinweg.
We also like to mention that this region has been proclaimed to Waardevol Cultuurlandschap (valuable culture landscape). Here you can enjoy the wild nature that Middle Limburg has to offer.


Hotel Asselt is situated at the route of the famous Pieterpad. The Pieterpad is a long distance hiking route that stretches itself over a distance of 492 kilometres. The Pieterpad goes from Pieterburen in Noord Groningen to the Sint-Pietersberg in Zuid-Limburg near Maastricht. The Pieterpad is the longest consecutive hiking route in the Netherlands.

2 stages of the famous Pieterpad nearly pass our hotel.

Venlo – Swalmen (via Venlo > Tegelen > Belfeld > Reuver > Swalmen)
Swalmen – Monfort (via Swalmen > Boukoul > Sint Odillienberg > Monfort)

The famous Maasplassen are known as the biggest water sports area of the Netherlands, with more than 3000 hectares. The Maasplassen provides excellent sail and surf possibilities. Also people that love the sun can come here in summer and enjoy the various day beaches and marinas in the area.

You can of course also hire a small boat and explore the surroundings. We also recommend to take a boat tour. This way you will discover the most beautiful places in this lovely area full of nature.

For more information on the various activities and hiking and cycling routes in the area please check the websites of our partners: